“Tomorrow is Today” Project (Rwanda)

“Tomorrow is Today” Project (Rwanda)

Aime, the project manager for “Tomorrow is Today” was born in the village of Nyamitaba in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He lived together with his parents and nine siblings. When conflict and violence arose in his village in 2007, Aime’s family was viciously murdered; he and one of his younger brothers were the only survivors. As a result, he fled to seek refuge in the neighboring country of Uganda. He was homeless for two years and thereafter lived in a refugee camp in Uganda. It is there that Aime met a group of other refugee children who rapidly became his family. Aime received resettlement through Hais; however, Aime did not want to abandon the other children. He promised them that he would always look out for them from the United States; and so he did. Aime, using his own money, started the construction of a small school and orphanage in Rwanda. It is here that he teaches them not to lose hope and always reminds them that just as he did, they could also have a promising future. This projected was funded on the premise of providing a safe home for refugee children and with hopes of increasing assistance to those in need. Project Change has partnered with Aime in completing the construction of the school and orphanage, integrating a school curriculum with a focus on trade, bringing medical assistance to the children most of whom have HIV, and launching a program that will ensure the school will become self-sufficient and sustainable through farming and land cultivation.
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