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Project Change connects donors with a range of life-changing Projects  helping woman and children rebuild their lives in regions ravaged by war and famine, building orphanages and schools in poor and rural areas and building rehabilitation centers for victims of rape, slavery and extreme poverty.  Project Change strives to inspire donors to make a difference by “adopting” a Project they connect with, continuing with advocacy of the project and committing to the long-term success and sustainability of the program.


Changing the world one project at a time


Poverty is not a choice, it is a circumstance millions of children are born into every day.  Imprisoned by famine, war, and the lack of basic education, many children are sentenced to a life of fighting for survival.  To make ends meet for themselves and their families they resort to prostitution, hard labor or forced slavery.  This is not a choice, this is not a decision, and this is not because they don’t want to work.  It is a  fight for survival when there are no other options.

At Project Change, we have made it our mission to rescue abandoned, victimized and orphaned children.   By providing a home and education we are able to restore their childhood and give them hope of a better  future.  For many children, a gentle touch, a hug, someone that will listen and wipe away a tear, is all they need to find the strength within themselves to believe in a brighter tomorrow.  Our projects are 100% dedicated to their compelling needs, from providing a place they can call “home” to building facilities to help educate, counsel and protect them.  Each project is focused on sustainability, thereby incorporating natural resources and the local community.

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